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Çeşme used to be known as Cysus in the Roman period. In the 8th century B.C., this little coastal town began to grow and develop, and so it has become one of the most important ports of Mediterranean.

In today’s Çeşme; history and nature is cuddled by the sea. Izmir is the most western tip of the Turkey, and Çeşme is the most western tip of İzmir, besides, the gate that opens to Europe. Çeşme offers to its guests a wide range of entertainment, leisure and vacation with its world-famous beaches, luxury hotels, colorful social life and lively bight life it has.

Çeşme is the “Culinary Center”. You can’t eat “kumru” (an oriental mixed sandwich) and “gum mastic jam” that are originally owned by Çeşme, in anywhere except Çeşme. You can taste the original “langusta” i.e. lobster, grilled sea bream, and steamed sea bass. Surely, do not forget to taste artichoke if it is the season.