Casaoliva Hotel

As we said before "Alaçatı means Olive". And Casaolive is the home of the olive. Our hotel consists of two stone buildings. A large garden, a refreshing swimming pool and a rich bar…

Traditional architecture of Alaçatı is not the only feature Casaoliva has. Nostalgia of centuries blended with today's comfort makes our hotel special. High technology air conditioners are one of the standards of our all rooms. LCD television, rich mini-bar, hot drinks tray, catering cart are the elements that enrich this standard.

For our guest who doesn't like and may feel uncomfortable with electronic air conditioners, we also put a ceiling propeller to provide natural ventilation. Some rooms have balconies, some bay windows. In fact, one of our suite rooms have terrace. However, the common feature of all is the way they make you feel as if you live Alaçatı nostalgia in the comfort and warmth of your own home.

"Wellcome to the Olive House"